Гость г. Краснодар 03.12.2020, 09:57

Good morning! I met a girl in a chat for acquaintances and we liked each other.

But in fact, he found out that this was a fraud ... it came into my trust and fraudulently stole my savings in the amount of $ 5,000. from contacts there are only tell. +44 7926 457422. it suggested that I learn how to make money trading cryptocurrencies.

I agreed. the first training went well, I put the money in and it came to the account. in subsequent training, it gave me the wrong address and my money went to him ... then the connection was cut off. I will be glad, if there is a chance, at least to spit in the face of this villain ...

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Кочетков А. В. юрист Кочетков А. В. 03.12.2020, 10:35

Обращайтесь в полицию с заявлением по факту мошенничества, будет проведена проверка.

Contact the police with a statement on the fact of fraud, a check will be carried out.

See you article 159 of the criminal code (Russian).

- см. ст. 159 УК РФ.

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